Case Studies


  • In need of a name and brand identity, a local services company seeks to enter a market in which competition is steep

  • Keen strategy and effective creative propel TowneBank’s success—allowing it to gain a significant customer base and grow each year

Project: Branding

Industry: Financial Institution

Issue: Start-up bank needs an edge against well-established competitors

In fall of 1998, Bob Aston and his team of bank professionals had raised $50 million from local shareholders to create a new banking institution for the greater Hampton Roads area. Both Aston and his team were lifelong residents of Hampton Roads; people whom the community knew and trusted.

The bank was on schedule to open three branches by April. Being so new, the company knew it would be difficult to compete with long-established financial institutions while having zero brand awareness.

Aston and team turned to Seventh Point for branding, positioning and overall marketing needs.

Insight: The competition can’t come close to the new bank’s “local” status

Seventh Point identified the potential appeal to customers of a “hometown bank” where, unlike larger banks, decisions are made locally.

The Seventh Point team knew it was important to create a brand identity that leveraged the bank’s position, a bank developed by and for the local community. The team understood the necessity of designing a logo and marketing collateral that instantly communicated the hometown message.

Implementation: Build a brand from the roots up that maximizes hometown appeal

  • Seventh Point created the name “TowneBank” and built a corporate identity and logo around it to be consistent across all marketing materials

  • The team implemented public relation efforts, including press releases, grand openings, interviews and events to build awareness in the marketplace

  • Seventh Point then carried the new brand through numerous product launches, such as its insurance and mortgage divisions

Impact: TowneBank flourishes—expanding to 17 branches in just nine years

  • TowneBank has become the fastest growing start-up bank in Virginia history, with assets increasing 90 percent Year-Over-Year

  • Experienced an increase of assets, loans and deposits of over 30 percent each year, putting TowneBank in the top five Hampton Roads community banks

  • Was noted in financial trade publications as one of the country’s fastest growing community banks

  • Grew from three locations in their first year to 17 in less than ten years, including two insurance and one mortgage location

  • TowneBank is currently the largest bank based in Hampton Roads and the most successful bank ever chartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with over $3 billion in assets, 40,000 members and over 8,000 stockholders

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