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World Class Consumer-Insight Data Providers

In programmatic we COMBINE access to world class data providers with access to massive ad exchanges. The result is the most precise, effective, and efficient digital media buying possible.


For sake of definition, programmatic buying is the process of executing media buys through automation rather than through person-to-person negotiation and manual one-to-one direct buying.   If you are a business owner and are not fully versed in digital media buying “programmatically,” don’t be concerned.   Recent reports indicate many marketing professionals don’t fully understand programmatic buying.*

30% of professional marketers have heard of it but don’t “get it”
23% know what it means
12% have never even heard of it

*Report and survey results from eMarketer, Association of National Advertisers, and Forrester Research

How Seventh Point makes your digital media buying dollars work most effectively & efficiently:

Programmatic Buying

Seventh Point media buyers sitting at our trading desk dashboards watch key performance indicators, adjusting and optimizing for best price/value CPC and CPA.

Millisecond Automation with Human Optimization: Programmatic campaigns and optimization tactics are automatically triggered by designated types of events and deployed according to a set of rules applied by software and algorithms. Human skills are still needed in programmatic buying as the campaigns and rules need continual monitoring and adjusting for maximum efficiency.


In today’s data-driven marketing environment, we have been able to deliver highly efficient and effective integrated media plans by adding data-infused programmatic buying into the media mix. Seventh Point very early on invested time, talent, and resources in adopting programmatic for digital media buying. For an agency like ours, built on a 30-year reputation of high-caliber media buying, making the investment in Demand Side Platforms and Data Management Platforms was an essential for our digital media buying

World Class Data Providers…

are the turbochargers of programmatic buying. Over 000 DMPs feed consumer media consumption and buying habits into our trading desk real time.