Ironic Truth:

If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going . . . You’ll Probably End Up There.

All businesses are in some kind of perpetual motion. You’re either going up . . . or down. Some are bobbing and weaving from left to right. Some reeling and tilting back. As a business owner it’s important you know at all times “where you’re at” and your direction.

Inspiration for a Poignant Name

Physics tells us that anything in motion can only move six ways. Six ways . . . that’s it. Once you know those six points . . . you can identify your motion or trajectory.

Physics it’s called The Six Degrees of Freedom – those six points identify where you’re headed.

The Metaphor

It’s one thing to know where you’re headed, but truly successful businesses and business owners imagine where they want to go! Where your business is right now is simply today’s reality. Where you hope to go is what we can help you with.

Great businesses and business owners have a goal . . . a dream even . . . a destination.

We’re The Seventh Point . . . we’ll get you there.