Thomas Nelson Community College Reaches Out For Help to Promote Their 50th Anniversary Gala Event

By:Rick Mytych10/23/2018

Thomas Nelson Community College’s marketing team had taken the first steps to promoting their 50th Anniversary Gala. As the event drew closer, they realized they needed expert help and reached out to Seventh Point. The Thomas Nelson Community College (TNCC) team wanted to know if we could take the creative approach they had started, improve upon it and develop a TV and radio commercial as well as a social media campaign and sponsor banners for the night of the event… all on a very tight budget.

The answer was, “Of course we could.”

Scripts Crafted to Fit Your Budget and Your Needs

At Seventh Point, we’ve been doing video production for over 30 years. We’ve crafted commercials on both ends of the cost spectrum and every point in between. That experience gives us the ability to write TV spots that fit any budget – big or small, and deliver quality, on-target commercials.

Pairing Traditional and Digital Efforts to Maximize Results

TNCC 50th Anniversary Gala Digital BannerLet’s not overlook the contributions of Seventh Point’s digital media team who identified and targeted the most qualified intenders and TNCC alumni to maximize the results of the social media campaign. By using a social campaign in unison with the radio and TV commercials, Seventh Point was able to help increase the frequency and reach that TNCC was able to present its message to its target audience.

An Anniversary Celebration Event to Remember

TNCC’s 50th Anniversary Gala was held on Saturday, October 13 and was deemed a success with many local and regional business and political leaders in attendance including the evening’s guest speaker, Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam.

Does your company have an event on the horizon that you want to promote? Seventh Point can help. Let’s talk! Contact us today to discuss your event promotion needs!

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