Yesterdays problem - fragmentation - todays solution - hypertargeting

Yesterday’s Problem: Fragmentation – Today’s Solution: Hypertargeting

Yesterday’s problem, fragmentation… First to explain what I mean by fragmentation. I’m talking about your audience spread out across hundreds, thousands, of channels and devices. As a media buying agency for many years, we’ve placed millions of dollars of radio and broadcast and cable long before there was something called the internet. Heck, we were…



STOP IT. We Are Not Creepy. – Data tracking and hypertargeting.

It’s funny. It happens this way every time I tell a business owner about today’s new digital media and hypertargeting. I’ll use retargeting as a good example of programmatic real time bidding because I know they have probably personally experienced it. I’ll say something like, “You know the shoes you saw at the Nordstrom’s site,…



Hypertargeting: Automotive’s Advertising Pit Crew

According to eMarketer, the U.S. auto industry is spending more dollars than ever on paid digital media. We are seeing hypertargeting more and more as advertisers realize they can precisely control campaigns to reach very specific targets. No one category is more demanding of that than automotive advertisers. This month The Rattling Ball rolls around…