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How To Reach Your Students During The Holidays And Make Sure They Come Back

Students can’t wait to get home to mom’s cooking, and sometimes once they’re home it’s hard to leave. So how can you get their attention to bring them back; making sure they’re re-enrolling and hitting the deadlines for spring classes? 1. Use what they’re using. Is your school/admissions dept. on Snapchat? Instagram? Are your reminders…

You don't like fake people and neither do your students - Seventh Point Higher Education

You Don’t Like Fake People and Neither Do Your Students

Your students don’t want fake people, and can sniff it within 10 seconds if you even try for something like unrealistic enthusiasm. Gen Z. The next frontier of students hitting campuses across the U.S. These students have been bombarded since the time they were born with technology, ads, and all sorts of “shiny” you-want-this! They…


The Secret’s in the Social Media Sauce

What’s the largest public stage in history? It’s social media. Let’s look at how using paid, owned and earned media form the perfect recipe for social media marketing success in higher education. Social Media Marketing in Higher Education When coaching her clients to become great public speakers, consultant Patricia Fripp says, “Be yourself, but on…


Why Norfolk Adults Go Back For Their Degree

Do you know what prompts Norfolk adults who haven’t finished college to go back and get that degree? When planning outreach and messaging to adults considering additional education, what are the motivations behind their behavior and decisions? A recent analysis by local insights experts Scarborough on the attitudes of adults in Norfolk who completed some…