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Persona Identification

The way that marketing has been defining and measuring buyer personas is wrong. It wasn’t wrong when it started, but it’s wrong now.


Because you have better metrics now. Now, you can target based on buyer behavior, rather than raw data (age, gender, location) that doesn’t mean a whole lot by itself. But a lot of people still aren’t using this!

Old (Bad) Targeting: Adults 18-45, Household income of $75000

New (Good) Targeting: Women ages 24-35 with children over age
5 with an interest in gardening

What a difference right? The new targeting takes into consideration not just the data that makes them up, but their behavior and what – and why – their doing interacting with your media.

You know what impact using the new targeting has on your advertising?

These people actually want to hear from you. And when people want to hear from you, you save more ad dollars rather than spending them on people that could care less what you offer.


Your current lead generation isn’t working because people don’t want to be advertised to. How do we solve this? We use our 30+ years of advertising experience to make a customized media plan that’s a part of your audience’s experience, not another annoying pop-up.

Your business is personal and your audience unique, shouldn’t your media plan be too?

  • Native Advertising
  • Custom Content Creation and Distribution
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Blog Features
  • Influencer Programs
  • Product Placement
  • Events (hosting/sponsored)
  • Digital and Programmatic Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Video

The best part? You receive big agency strategy and techniques while receiving personalized, customer service.


You want people to engage with your message? That’s great! How do you know when you’ve achieved success?

First, you have to define an engagement goal.
Second, you have to measure it the right way so that when you make changes you can get the result you want.

Defining Engagement

Here’s one goal for engagement…“I want to sell more stuff”

Here’s a better goal…“I want to increase my qualified prospects by 20% by December to reduce my cost-per-customer by 20 cents on the dollar”

Sound complicated? That’s because it is, and keeping it simple is a lot harder than it looks. You know your audience, but we know media metrics and what you should be looking for within your campaigns.

Measure the Right Way

With more information and advanced software, we have better tools to measure the effectiveness of your media. But too many people are still using the old way. It’s misleading!

It is wrong to attribute the total success of your campaign to the last-touch before a sale. Your customer did not start there.

With the right data, we can show you just how your customers interacted with your campaign and which changes will have the biggest impact.

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