Get to know Seventh Point

Our people have a thirst for growth, study, and constant learning. Does that mean we’re a serious bunch? Heck no. We take our work seriously . . . ourselves, not so much.

Chris Calcagno

President, Principal, CD

Every ship needs a captain, and Chris has been at the helm since our maiden voyage. For more than 30 years he’s helped our clients navigate a constantly changing marketing environment, from radio, television and print to digital, mobile and social media. Anchored in Hampton Roads but with his eyes always on the horizon, Chris has ensured Seventh Point evolves with the times. We are one of few agencies to bridge the gap between traditional and digital—but we didn’t stop there. Today, we have converged the two to arrive at a truly integrated, optimized approach that gives our clients a level of audience reach and interaction never before possible.

Mike Carosi

Vice President, Public Relations

Executive Director, Transportation PR

With an intensity of focus and performance-driven personality that never settles for “good enough,” Mike sets the public relations bar sky-high. In his dual roles as VP of PR and ED of Transportation PR, Mike commands a deep knowledge of production, marketing, social media, budgeting, media strategy, which he combines with an affinity for building partnerships and engineering new methodologies. His energy and dedication imbue every aspect of Seventh Point’s transportation and PR projects, spurring the rest of the team to constantly outperform their own high standards.

Kevin Hughes

Vice President, Operations

With more than 15 years’ experience balancing the constantly competing needs of production and personnel, clients and creative, deadlines and delivery, Kevin is the man behind the curtain, making sure all our projects come off seamlessly. Drawing on a strong background in client services and a natural talent for project management, Kevin carefully choreographs every project from start to finish. He sees what others don’t, and asks the smart questions up front to avoid delays later—making sure we stay on target, on time, and on budget.

Doreen Collins

Vice President, Finance

Like a seasoned general who just happens to have a brilliant mind for finance, Doreen manages Seventh Point’s finances with military precision. In her 15 years with us she’s seen it all, and she does it all—financial reporting, projections, administration, building management and maintenance, and special projects.

Rick Mytych

Creative Director

Maybe you already have a vision of what your brand could be—or maybe you need help with that vision. Wherever you are on the spectrum, Rick has a gift for translating your branding and design needs into powerful, persuasive design. Website design and interactive components… social media and email… print, direct and broadcast marketing—crossing platforms and creating integrated media campaigns is second nature to him. Rick will safeguard your brand and guarantee it always resonates with your audience.

Lesli Lemons

Senior Media Planner and Buyer

A hands-on attitude and a brilliant mind for media analysis makes Lesli Lemons an invaluable asset to Seventh Point's media campaign integration. With more than 15 years' experience in media research, planning, negotiating, buying, analysis and management, Lesli has long-lasting, deep relationships in markets all across the country.

Marty Thomas

Senior Account Executive

With a healthy mix of irreverence and empathy, Marty serves as liaison between the client and agency partners to coordinate advertising media plans and creative campaigns. Her Swiss Army knife-like responsibilities include working with clients to discuss and identify advertising goals and objectives; managing annual budgets; tracking campaign costs; invoicing and reports; and day-to-day monitoring of the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Jeremy Fern

Higher Ed Marketing Specialist for Paid, Owned, and Earned Media

Marketing for higher education brings with it a unique mix of challenges and opportunities—and nobody reads those tea leaves like Jeremy. With an adventurous attitude and a knack for multichannel multitasking, he is constantly exploring new and innovative ways for higher ed institutions to find prospects and drive enrollment growth. Jeremy’s won’t divulge his “secret recipe,” but we can tell you it blends social media monitoring and strategy, webinars, blogging and more to deliver the best possible marketing plan and media mix.

Lindsay Fleming

PR Ambassador and Account Manager

Let’s be serious, because you can’t be when talking to Lindsay about anything other than work. You’d never guess she used to be an on-air radio personality- kidding. Or are we? She now represents Seventh Point, making us look good through community involvement, promotions, networking and client relations. Media reps, get in line for your story. Be warned: her laughter is contagious.

Kristen Wake

Program Manager

She has a way with words and can craft clever content, but it’s Kristen’s magic ability to simplify complex projects that keeps us spellbound. Working in tandem with our marketing, media, creative, and production teams, Kristen executes the daily operations of pitch-perfect PR strategy. She is hands-on with every element of our clients’ projects, ensuring their message stays true and makes the maximum impact with their audience.

Shellee Casiello

Public Affairs Specialist

Intimately involved at every level our transportation public relations and community outreach efforts, Shellee puts a face to transportation projects that can feel faceless. Whether it’s creating presentations for local business and community groups, writing news releases, or creating and executing media plans (paid and earned), Shellee brings a level of follow-through and focus to her role that’s hard to beat.

Mindy Hughes, APR

Public Relations Specialist

Quiet personality, loud work ethic. Mindy has a mind for strategy, and fanatically monitors public opinion for every project. She keeps the ball rolling, with an eye for detail and the pursuit of perfection. From strategy to presentation to execution, she makes magic happen.

Emily Tuttle

Public Affairs Specialist

A master translator, Emily turns complex engineering lingo into messages the rest of us can understand. She creates transportation communications that meet local needs. Neurotic in a good way with an eye for perfection, she is an expert at developing and implementing community outreach for high-profile transportation projects.

Windy Campbell

Public Relations Specialist

With more than 15 years of experience in strategic communications in a multitude of industries, Windy has honed in on one—Transportation. By her joining our team, our Transportation Public Relations sector expands further, specifically to Richmond. She’s on the Executive Board of the Richmond chapter of PRSA, and partners with marketing firms to help develop PR tactics and initiatives. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Nicole Thomas

Public Relations Coordinator

The glue to our public relations team, Nicole Thomas keeps the ball rolling on any given project. Nicole understands how to edit, deliver, and optimize any and all PR and marketing materials. With an eye for detail and the ability to juggle many tasks at once, Nicole provides support to the entire Seventh Point creative team.

Hélène Fernandez

Programmatic Media Planner | Certified Media Trader

Hélène is Seventh Point’s programmatic buying mastermind, managing and monitoring our clients’ campaigns on the demand side and working closely with our data management platforms. With her past experience in lead generation, Google AdWords and Google AdSense, she is relentlessly focused on getting the most from our real-time bidding and delivering the best possible media strategies for our clients.

Tashia Souza

Certified Media Trader

Natashia “Tashia” Souza keeps our Agency Trading Desk team organized and operating at maximum capacity while skillfully handling the many complex details of running a programmatic media campaign. As a Certified Media Trader, she has the industry seal of approval that she is ready to take on the challenges of our clients’ campaigns. Tashia also specializes in the nuances of higher ed media campaigns to drive enrollment for our clients.

Courtney Coonts

Certified Media Trader

Courtney is used to a fast-paced environment that’s focused around attention to details in order to consistently over-deliver to clients. And she does all of this with a smile on her face! Her optimistic and fun-loving personality allowed her to fit right in with the Media Traders’ wing. Her drive and desire for challenge proved her place in this company, and was shown when she took the fast track to become a Certified Media Trader and Ad Words Certified. Bring it on programmatic world!

Emary Vasquez

Director of Digital Analytics

With her stealth, yet competitive attitude, Emary approaches her work with an eagle-eye view and delivers her words logically. As data begins to grow, this big picture thinking and goal-oriented approach helps us look at our results with a keen eye on how we can always be improving as a company and for our clients. Her strong work experience in SEO and SEM is just the icing on the cake to making our team whole!

Brenda Jolly

Executive Assistant to Kevin Hughes

The name says it all: Brenda Jolly is the cheery and positive presence needed around any office, but she’s all ours! Her background working in various cultures with many different walks of life, shine through with her never-ceasing patience and willingness to serve others. She hit the ground running since day one as VP of Operations’ assistant, making this office run smoother than peanut butter with a proactive approach and her tenacious work-ethic.

Crystal Henderson

Accounting Manager

With her positive outlook and strong sense of teamwork, Crystal is ideally suited to her role as Accounting Manager. Responsible for billing, accounts payable and advertising submissions, she also shepherds our newest team member through the hiring process.

Zonnia Fadely

Accounting Associate

Punctual and reliable are terms you can only hope for in an Accounting Associate, and lucky for us, Zonnia is just that. Helping to keep the Finance Department afloat between invoice processing, writing checks and handling accounts payable, you would think she has an extra arm to also assist answering the phones.