Seventh Point opened its doors in 1985 as a full service advertising agency serving local Hampton Roads clients. Within our first couple years we were fortunate to handle a couple national and regional clients. As a young agency we were pushed to hone our media capabilities and our video production expertise to keen standards far beyond what is normally expected of a local agency. That expertise and those standards in media and production remain our obsession to this day.

Headquarters & Hometown

Our work takes us coast to coast, but our home is here in Virginia, we have raised our families here, and we are committed to our hometown here.

As you can imagine our list of clients over 30 years is extensive; our portfolio of creative work expansive and varied; but our true prowess has been and continues to be mastering the media planning and buying tools and technology that save clients money, launch great marketing initiatives, and build brands.

Media Experts – How We Got Here

We were fortunate in our earliest years to be put to the test by a couple national accounts that hired us for our media buying services and expedited our learning curve.

We had to quickly get up to speed in major markets with research tools, reporting mechanisms, software necessities, and expanded staffs to meet the demands of national caliber media accounts.  We honed our buying techniques and performance at a level most local or regional agencies would never be expected to deliver.  It has remained our strong suit to this day.  So has learning — learning fast, deep, and ahead of the rest of the class.

Embracing Technology

Today we have added and lead the way with programmatic digital media buying. It is the turbo-charger to everything and anything you may know as “media planning and buying.”

The rate of change in our industry is increasing exponentially.  Investing in the media tools, software, personnel, and training to develop our own in-house trading desk and master programmatic buying is an example of that.

In-House Video Production

Media buying has always been our greatest revenue producing capability; a close second to that is video production.

We have always produced our own scripts, put together our own shooting crews, and managed all pre and post production work in-house.  We’ve always eliminated “the middle man” and saved our client’s money.

Lifelong Learners

Learning fast ahead of the pack serves us and our clients best.

When hiring, we look for people who have a thirst for growth, study, and constant learning.  Does that mean we’re a serious bunch?  Heck no.  We take our work seriously…ourselves, not so much.

Committed to Clients and Community

We are stewards of substantial amounts of money for our clients; and they are counting on us to turn that into something that will convert to success. Whether it’s through our creative work or media expertise — we know what we do is important.

Time and again we have taken words and concepts and brought them to life, creating a platform for top executives and businesses to launch their company initiatives, grow successful companies, and institutions.