There’s a fine line between creative & CRAZY

It is an art. Handling subjectivity, opinions, feelings… and turning them into persuasive messaging, meaningful thinking, and engaging marketing.

Our work requires a variety of people with different talents. People with an edge.

But never so edgy as to lack respect.

a lifelong learner is always willing to pursue excellence

To pursue excellence means we are always willing. . . to learn.

Willing to look at ourselves and ask if we can be better

Excellence isn’t a destination but a process.

We are not willing to accept less.

Be THE LAGNIAPPE. Be the Value Added Proposition

Are we in the ad business? The marketing biz? Public Relations? Sure. But we are first and foremost in the service business.

Our USP? Giving more than expected.

Add Value to Everything that Crosses Your Desk; Add Value to Everything You Touch

What we do is simple. Keeping it simple is the hard part.

Art, design, word smithery, information technology, videography, editing, theatre, public relations, production, casting, directing, digital mastery, stats, graphs, reports . . . just a few of the spaces in which we
play daily. Sounds easy, right? Well it is when you do what you love.

We work hard because we do hard work.
It’s complex. It’s challenging.

We call it fun.

Embrace change. It defines our profession

The changes brought on by digital technology have been compared to the advent of television.

Wrong. More like the invention of electricity. Hell, more like the discovery of fire.

Flip on the light switch.
Bring it.

Communication is seeing through the eyes of your audience

Listen and pay attention to your audience. To communicate you have to focus on what your audience is hearing.

We are consumer specialists. Audience analysts. We must focus on what they hear – not just what we have to say. We must do this with our clients, with their audience . . . with each other.

Skip out on work if you must but don’t miss your kid’s little league game.

We cannot escape the need for balance in our lives. Anything taken to an extreme will soon cease to have the desired positive effect. Balance equals personal growth, emotional health, physical health, spiritual health.

Sure we want to “be there” for our clients, for our team, for each other, but…our work will be better, our clients will be happier, we will all succeed…when we have balance in our lives.