Our people have a thirst for growth, study, and constant learning. Does that mean we’re a serious bunch? Heck no. We take our work seriously… ourselves, not so much.

Chris Calcagno


Chris is the leader of Seventh Point and has been navigating our clients to success for more than 35 years. From radio, television, and print to programmatic, mobile, and social media – Chris has shown time and again he’s ahead of the curve.

He’s known around the office for his keen sense of humor and putting people first – his clients and staff.

Ted Rooke

Vice President of Media Services

As our VP of Media, Ted is leading the charge as Seventh Point continues to hold its reputation as a leader in media, media services, traditional media and programmatic technology. There’s no better person for the job. Ted has over 25 years of media know-how and has brought in new media technology and strategy for major and international brands before joining Seventh Point.

Ted is best known for his pragmatic way of thinking and his constant drive to deliver better results for clients.

Rick Mytych

Creative Director

Rick has spearheaded creative and production workflow for Seventh Point for over 6 years. He demonstrates a depth of knowledge in print design, video production, HTML5, and so much more. In many ways Rick is Seventh Point’s “Go-To” Person – when something needs to get done – he’s the guy that’s most often gets it done.

Rick is known for blasting 80’s rock music and for blowing away our client’s creative expectations.

Crystal Henderson

Associate Vice President, Comptroller

Crystal has been managing Seventh Point bookkeeping and finances for well over 6 years. In addition to her many responsibilities in accounting, she serves as our HR expert for most questions/answers regarding company benefits, health care, 401k, etc.

Crystal is known for quick smile and dedication to finding answers on behalf of clients and staff.

Mike Carosi

Mike Carosi, President, TransportationPR

Mike is the President of Transportation PR. Mike oversees production, marketing, social media, budgeting, and media strategy for all of Seventh Point’s transportation and PR projects. He is also a stalwart leader and ambassador for Seventh Point in the community.

Mike is known for his high energy levels and for his non-stop communication with clients.

Lesli Lemons

Senior Media Director

Lesli is an invaluable asset to Seventh Point’s media efforts with her hands-on attitude and a brilliant mind for media analysis. With more than 15 years’ experience in media research, planning, negotiating, buying, analysis and management, Lesli has long-lasting, deep relationships in markets all across the country.

Lesli is best known for digging in with her clients to get the most of their campaigns.

Valerie Dazey

Media Manager & Programmatic Trader

Valerie is Seventh Point’s in-house Media Manager and Programmatic Trader. For the last year she’s been on the front-lines of media and advertising. She’s a pro at defining personas, optimizing digital campaigns and adjusting budgets to maximize campaign results.

Valerie is best known for her love of reading and driving client success through media insights.

Stephanie Lesniewicz

Analytics & Reporting and Account Support

Stephanie is Seventh Point’s digital marketing and analytics pro. She’s spent the last 13 years in advertising, ranging from graphic design to social media and website management. She has a keen eye for detail and the vision create effective campaigns.

Stephanie is best known for going on adventures in her Jeep and finding the right metrics to best analyze client’s campaigns.

Jeremy Fern

Account Executive Higher Education Specialist

Jeremy has been leading Seventh Point’s Higher Education expertise for over 4 years. With an adventurous attitude and a knack for multichannel multitasking, he is constantly exploring new and innovative ways for higher ed institutions to find prospects and drive enrollment growth.

Jeremy is best known for his dedication to his family and his focus on client satisfaction.

Rachel Polk

Account Supervisor

Rachel is one of Seventh Point’s most motivated Account Supervisors. She brings 15 years of communications/marketing experience to the team. Skilled at developing and executing strategic marketing and public relations initiatives, Rachel has worked for agency and corporate clients in the healthcare, higher education, quick service restaurant and transportation industries.

Rachel is best known for her love for the beach and facilitating positive changes for clients.

Amber Alderson

Senior Account Executive

Amber is Seventh Point’s knowledgeable, Senior Account Executive. With over 10 years in the marketing and automotive space, Amber brings a wealth of knowledge and campaign management in spaces like SEO and SEM, social strategies, brand cohesion, and reputation/review management.

Amber is best known as a “dog mom” and being a key point of contact for client support.

Sarah Beth Stone

Account Executive Project Manager

Sarah Beth is the wheels that keep Seventh Point’s clients’ campaigns running smoothly. She’s a graduate of Regent University with an MBA in Marketing. She has 10 years of experience in video production and marketing. She worked as the Video Producer and Account Coordinator for Primm Advertising for almost three years before joining Seventh Point.

Sarah Beth is best known for her love of ballroom dancing and her investment in her community. She is on the MBA Advisory Board for the School of Business and Leadership at Regent University

Julia Baldini

Agency Content Writer/Editor

Julia is the token content writer for Seventh Point – handling projects ranging from company press releases and blogs to client native advertising. She has over 5 years of experience in the digital marketing space. She worked as a freelance agent for two years where she overhauled entire digital marketing strategies and coached industry experts in how to create content that engages before joining Seventh Point.

Julia is best known for her dry wit and the reliable quality of her work for clients.

Krista Grabowski

Art Director

Krista has spent the last two years on Seventh Point’s creative team. She has more than 5 years of experience in both print and digital design, and is an expert at translating creative vision into precisely crafted reality. Krista’s experience includes a broad range of projects, including logo design, brand identity, publication design, print advertising, product design, package design, photographic retouching, illustration, digital banner ads, web design, and HTML5 animation.

Krista is best known for her energy and enthusiasm. As well as her happy dances while working on complex projects.

Zonnia Fadely

Accounting Assistant and Admin Support

Zonnia’s been with Seventh Point for the last 3 years and is one of the main reasons it runs as smoothly as it does. She helps to keep the Finance Department afloat between invoice processing, writing checks and handling accounts payable – while also handling a lot of the behind-the-scenes of daily operations.

Zonnia is best known for being punctual and reliable.

Ha Koehler

Senior Public Relations Specialist Transportation PR

Ha is a key member of Transportation PR’s team – overseeing all client communication strategies. She brings more than 18 years of experience driving the communications and brand awareness on behalf of clients. Ha’s experience makes her ideal for reviewing public and media relations, community outreach, traditional and social media, web development, marketing and stakeholder engagement initiatives.

Ha is best known for delivering measurable results for clients and making a killer spinach dip.

Shelby Frank

Public Relations Specialist Transportation PR

Shelby is one of the newest additions to the Transportation Public Relations team. She brings more than 10 years of experience to the Seventh Point team, with a diverse background in non-profit management and professional services marketing.

Shelby is best known for her upbeat attitude and solid communication skills.

Sharyn Lynch

Production Manager Transportation PR

Sharyn, as Seventh Point’s Production Manager, is the push that keeps all jobs moving. She’s spent the last 15 years in advertising, 12 of which was focused on production doing work for agencies such as The Terry Group, The Meridian Group, and Free Agents Marketing. Sharyn’s experience makes her invaluable in making sure that deadlines and quality standards are met or exceeded.

Sharyn is best known for her willingness to jump in and keep client campaigns on-track and for her dedication to her family. She is a founding member of NICU Friends Circle of the King’s Daughters and a local coordinator for the exchange student program,