Our people have a thirst for growth, study, and constant learning. That doesn’t mean we’re a serious bunch. We take our work seriously… ourselves, not so much.

Chris Calcagno


Every great organization needs superb leadership, and Chris has been at the helm at Seventh Point for more than 35 years. His main priority is navigating our clients through the vast sea of advertising options and helping them find the most successful methods to convey their message. From traditional media to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, Chris has a proven track record of innovation and progressive thinking in the advertising space.

Known around the office for his keen sense of humor, Chris is best associated in and out of Seventh Point for his “People First” philosophy and how he puts the needs of his clients and staff ahead of his own.

Ted Rooke

Vice President of Media Services

As our VP of Media, Ted insures that Seventh Point’s reputation as a leader in Media Services stays top of mind within the Advertising Community. And with over 25 years of media experience, there’s no better person for the job! Ted’s prior experience includes bringing new media technologies and strategies to his clients, and he continues to do so for Seventh Point’s clients as well. With his finger on the pulse of digital media and emerging new tactics within that landscape, Ted provides our clients with fresh, new ways to reach their target audiences while still focusing on the best return on their investment.

Well known for his pragmatic way of thinking and his drive to deliver better results through math and data, Ted is also known as an avid fan of college sports and runs a fantasy baseball league that consists of a group of friends that date back to their UGA years.

Tricia Hudson

Vice President of Account Services

Tricia Hudson brings a wealth of knowledge to the table due to her extensive background working for and with institutions of higher learning. Over her career, she has worked at both public and private higher education organizations, and she has had routine involvement with the Board of Visitors, Board of Trustees and Educational Foundation Board for all the schools she has served. Through her many collaborations with higher education institutions, she has cultivated relationships that have benefitted both her clients and her community.

Rick Mytych

Creative Director

A creative master, Rick has spearheaded Seventh Point’s creative and production department for over seven years. With a career spanning more than three decades, Rick has a wealth of knowledge in many facets of the creative realm, including print design, video production, digital design, and so much more. From concept to competition, Rick is a proven leader not only as our Creative Director, but as a project team member. He’s always ready to assist with new branding campaign conceptions, specialized advertising strategies, and overall client satisfaction.

An automotive genius, marketing and mechanically, Rick is known for his love of vehicle restoration and Corvettes. But he’s probably best known for his passion for 80’s rock music and blowing away our client’s creative expectations.

Crystal Henderson

Associate Vice President, Comptroller

The flurry of calculator clicks you hear ringing throughout our building is from our Associate VP & Comptroller Crystal. Managing Seventh Point’s bookkeeping and finances is no easy task, but Crystal has been mastering it for over 6 years. In addition to her accounting responsibilities, Crystal serves as our HR expert, overseeing our company benefits, healthcare plans and 401K program. She balances both departments with ease due to her bubbly personality and her ability to quickly shift her priorities to best meet the needs of both our clients and our staff members.

Besides her dedication to finding answers on behalf of our clients and staff, Crystal is also well known for her love of the beach, summertime weather and being the San Diego Super Chargers biggest fan.

Mike Carosi

Mike Carosi, President, Transportation PR

Since he is always running the roads from one meeting to the next, it’s only fitting that Mike is our President of Transportation PR. Overseeing a dedicated team of Project Managers and PR Specialists, Mike insures that the production, marketing, budgeting, and media strategy of Seventh Point’s transportation and PR projects flows smoother than traffic through the HRBT. Mike is also a leader in the Hampton Roads Community and excellent ambassador for Seventh Point within it.

With his high energy levels and consistency in communicating with our clients, Mike has been as instrumental in helping build Seventh Point’s reputation as he has been with assisting clients like VDOT build and maintain our transportation system.

Lesli Lemons

Senior Media Director

Media is the name of our game, and one of our most invaluable assets is our Senior Media Director Lesli. With over 15 years of experience in media, Lesli has a brilliant mind for media analysis. Tackling media research, planning, negotiating, buying and management is no easy task, but Lesli’s no nonsense method makes it our process flow effortlessly. From print, out-of-home, television and digital, Lesli assists our clients in creating a comprehensive marketing plans that raise brand awareness as well as greater returns on investment.

Lesli’s resourcefulness and gumption shines through in her work at Seventh Point, where she is best known for her commitment to providing our clients the best results possible for their marketing dollar.

Valerie Dazey

Media Manager & Programmatic Trader

Our “Jill of all things digital,” Valerie is instrumental in making sure that Seventh Point’s Digital Media Department runs like a well-oiled machine. As our Media Manager & Programmatic Trader, Valerie assists with the campaign development, digital media planning, and digital team management. She has professional certifications in Trade Desk, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, Wordstream, Twitter Advertising and Facebook Blueprint, which she utilizes to create and manage Display, Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns for our clients.

While her numerical skills help her shine at Seventh Point, Valerie also has a great passion for the written word, is an avid reader and a collector of classic novels. Her well rounded personality is one of the reasons she excels at providing our clients well optimized digital campaigns.

Sarah Beth Stone

Account Executive Project Manager

Like a conductor at the symphony, Sarah Beth makes sure that our production department flows in concert. With MBA in Marketing from Regent University and over ten years of experience in the marketing space and video production, she capitalizes on her experience to make sure that Seventh Point’s creative projects are fine tuned to exceed our clients’ expectations and are completed in a timely manner. Sarah Beth also lends her talents to our video production and audio teams and assists in the execution and editing of many of our audio/visual pieces.

While she gracefully choreographs Seventh Point’s day to day project management, Sarah Beth is well known beyond our walls for her love of ballroom dancing, which she performs locally at the “A Time to Dance” Studio.

Krista Grabowski

Art Director

Krista has spent the last two years on Seventh Point’s creative team. She has more than 6 years of experience in both print and digital design, and is an expert at translating creative vision into precisely crafted reality. Krista’s experience includes a broad range of projects, including logo design, brand identity, publication design, print advertising, product design, package design, photographic retouching, illustration, digital banner ads, web design, and HTML5 animation.

Krista is best known for her energy and enthusiasm. As well as her happy dances while working on complex projects.

Zonnia Fadely

Accounting Assistant and Admin Support

Zonnia’s been with Seventh Point for the last 3 years and is one of the main reasons it runs as smoothly as it does. She helps to keep the Finance Department afloat between invoice processing, writing checks and handling accounts payable – while also handling a lot of the behind-the-scenes of daily operations.

Zonnia is best known for being punctual and reliable.

Ha Koehler

Senior Public Relations Specialist Transportation PR

Ha is a key member of Transportation PR’s team – overseeing all client communication strategies. She brings more than 18 years of experience driving the communications and brand awareness on behalf of clients. Ha’s experience makes her ideal for reviewing public and media relations, community outreach, traditional and social media, web development, marketing and stakeholder engagement initiatives.

Ha is best known for delivering measurable results for clients and making a killer spinach dip.

Windy Campbell

Public Relations Specialist Transportation PR

For more than 15 years, Windy has specialized in strategic communications for clients including professional services firms, health services, higher education, nonprofit, and real estate. Also partnering with marketing firms to develop PR tactics and initiatives, she serves on the Executive Board of the Richmond chapter of PRSA.

Shelby Frank

Public Relations Specialist Transportation PR

Shelby is one of the newest additions to the Transportation Public Relations team. She brings more than 10 years of experience to the Seventh Point team, with a diverse background in non-profit management and professional services marketing.

Shelby is best known for her upbeat attitude and solid communication skills.

Sharyn Lynch

Production Manager Transportation PR

Sharyn, as Seventh Point’s Production Manager, is the push that keeps all jobs moving. She’s spent the last 15 years in advertising, 12 of which was focused on production doing work for agencies such as The Terry Group, The Meridian Group, and Free Agents Marketing. Sharyn’s experience makes her invaluable in making sure that deadlines and quality standards are met or exceeded.

Sharyn is best known for her willingness to jump in and keep client campaigns on-track and for her dedication to her family. She is a founding member of NICU Friends Circle of the King’s Daughters and a local coordinator for the exchange student program,

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