Truth in advertising needs a recharge

Truth in Advertising Needs a Recharge

“Truth in advertising.” I’m not sure who said it first, and it doesn’t really matter.  What matters, is, that we, as marketers live by it.  We have come to take this phrase as meaning “When consumers see or hear an advertisement, that ad must be truthful and not misleading”.  We should all live by that mantra,…


Programmatic and Paid Search Engine Marketing

An Advertising Match Made in Heaven: Programmatic and Paid Search

Courtney Coonts, Programmatic and RTB Media Trader As programmatic advertisers, we often hear the retort of, “Programmatic? No thanks, we already do SEM* in AdWords! Isn’t that the same?” No! Search Engine Marketing* and Programmatic Display are both effective advertising strategies, but hear me when I say, they’re not the same! Each method reaches the…