FB Advertising isn't dead, it's targeted

Courtney Coonts,
Programmatic and RTB Media Trader

Facebook advertising isn’t dead. It’s targeted.

As a media trader, I deal with the hard data- the nuts and bolts- of advertising every day. Like all my colleagues at Seventh Point, I’m also keenly interested in staying on top of advertising trends–one of which is the controversial argument that Facebook organic reach and Facebook advertising are slowly dying. However, I don’t see them dying – I see them changing. I’ll tell you how through a first-hand experience.
A recent trip I planned really drove home how the power of relevant advertising is reshaping the advertising landscape to create a user experience that is genuinely helpful. 

Last January, I foolishly booked a non-refundable accommodation and headed south through a snowstorm towards Durham, North Carolina. Over a foot of snow had fallen on the ground by the time I reached the small-business oriented town and I expected local restaurants, venues, coffee shops and the like to close.


This is where targeted marketing and relevant advertising saved my weekend.

I was geo-targeted by a Facebook Local Awareness Ad
which led me to nearby restaurant’s Facebook page. This
restaurant posted that they were open; even better, they
were within walking distance. A Facebook Ad chose
my dinner plans for me.

Facebook Relevant Ad Targeting
Facebook Relevant Ad Targeting On the walk back from the restaurant, I noticed a brewery and
made a mental note to check their Facebook the next day.
Intelligent advertising connected me to a restaurant, which
then sent me to a location, which exposed me to another

Here you can see, just one sponsored advertisement led to my series of behaviors that pushed me through the sales funnel… really, through a network of sales funnels.

This post created an opportunity for a business to engage directly with me, the consumer, and essentially planned the rest of my weekend for me.
Sure, the stigma may still be that advertising is interrupting the social media experience, but intelligent advertising uses your daily social media behaviors and interests to show you relevant advertisements that have the potential to enhance your life, or at least your weekend!

Facebook reach and advertising isn’t dead, it’s intelligent.

With this help at our fingertips, why not save ourselves the research and take advantage of intelligent advertising that has already done the homework for us?


I see this and use this in my daily work. Those nuts and bolts I mentioned- the data, the metrics, the key performance indicators- that is only part of what we do at Seventh Point to make your business’ advertising intelligent, relevant, and helpful for your consumers.

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About Courtney

Courtney is used to a fast-paced environment that’s focused around attention to details in order to consistently over-deliver to clients. And she does all of this with a smile on her face! Her optimistic and fun-loving personality allowed her to fit right in with the Media Traders’ wing. Her drive and desire for challenge proved her place in this company, and was shown when she took the fast track to become a Certified Media Trader and Ad Words Certified. Bring it on programmatic world!

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