Dynamic Creative Improves Marketing Performance and Now Includes Video and Native Ads

By:Seventh Point11/26/2018

We suspect that you, like many other digital marketers today, are leveraging data to reach your best prospects to maximize marketing performance. But even the best targeting can only do so much to maximize performance. Maximum performance is predicated on delivering the best message to each specific audience you are targeting. To often we find marketers, who use data to target, don’t fulfill the messaging promise, and results are often times less than stellar. By combining hyper-targeting with hyper-relevance, marketers are able to unlock the full potential of their marketing efforts and drive significant incremental growth in their campaigns.

Creative messaging engineered for the person you are trying to reach

Improve Message Relevancy Through Dynamic Creative Delivery

But developing hyper-relevant messaging is seen as difficult, time consuming and costly. Creating multiple sets of ads based on various targeting criteria such as product, geography or offer, can explode the cost of creative development. Luckily, Seventh Point has a solution for this, known as dynamic creative delivery. Dynamic Creative Delivery takes the base elements of various ad messages – specifically the hero image, the headline, and the call to action, and creates individual ads “on the fly” based on the audience being communicated with. We are able create hundreds of individual ad units out of a handful of individual assets, creating a cost-effective way to deliver rich, relevant messages at scale.

Data Plus The Right Message

Dynamic Creative – More Than Just a Display Ad

In the past, dynamic creative delivery was confined to realm of display ads. You know those – the banners which these days have poor click rates and which consumers have become blind to. While dynamic banner delivery definitely helps improve display performance, many marketers now see video ads, and native ads as the “new banner” with performance that can deliver up to 8 times the click through rates  as traditional banners. More and more marketers are shifting out of banners and into these formats, and rightfully so.

And now dynamic creative delivery has caught up with the new, more effective ad units, and we can now create dynamic videos and native ads at scale. Combining these stronger performing ad units, with the ability to deliver hyper-relevant messaging will undoubtedly improve campaign performance to levels of unseen heights!

For more information on how you can leverage dynamic creative delivery across any ad format, contact our VP of Media Ted Rooke today!

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