Creating A Visually Impactful Retail Space

By:Rick Mytych09/06/2018

When Checkered Flag began construction of the service lanes at their new Hyundai World facility, they wanted their retail space to be something special. Something “more” than just white and grey walls. It had to be visually exciting and an expression of the Checkered Flag brand.

They knew exactly who to call. Seventh Point.

Hyundai World is the fourth Checkered Flag facility that we have created a custom-designed retail space for. At Checkered Flag Toyota and Checkered Flag Honda, we helped them create a space where the service lanes, parts, merchandise and waiting areas are a celebration of those manufacturer’s Motorsports programs. As well as a great extension of a brand that has a checkered flag in the name!

We also had the pleasure of working with Checkered Flag BMW during their massive renovation in 2017; redesigning several retail spaces within the facility. Staying true to BMW’s high brand standards, we helped design the service advisors’ area and showroom. The stunning results pay homage to that brand’s rich history of luxury and performance.

At Hyundai World, the new service retail space is bold and incorporates graphic checkered flag patterns and a mix of metallic textures and Hyundai’s signature blue. Each ASM office features a unique piece of art from the “Real-Life Winners” series. These images are a celebration of the people and events that make Virginia Beach special.

So… what does the space your customers experience look like?

Does it create excitement? Does it scream, “Hey! You just walked into someplace special.” If not, it should … and Seventh Point can help!

Click here and let’s get started!

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