Programmatic and Paid Search Engine Marketing

An Advertising Match Made in Heaven: Programmatic and Paid Search

Courtney Coonts, Programmatic and RTB Media Trader As programmatic advertisers, we often hear the retort of, “Programmatic? No thanks, we already do SEM* in AdWords! Isn’t that the same?” No! Search Engine Marketing* and Programmatic Display are both effective advertising strategies, but hear me when I say, they’re not the same! Each method reaches the…

Yesterdays problem - fragmentation - todays solution - hypertargeting

Yesterday’s Problem: Fragmentation – Today’s Solution: Hypertargeting

Yesterday’s problem, fragmentation… First to explain what I mean by fragmentation. I’m talking about your audience spread out across hundreds, thousands, of channels and devices. As a media buying agency for many years, we’ve placed millions of dollars of radio and broadcast and cable long before there was something called the internet. Heck, we were…

how to reach your students during the holidays seventhpoint highered

How To Reach Your Students During The Holidays And Make Sure They Come Back

Students can’t wait to get home to mom’s cooking, and sometimes once they’re home it’s hard to leave. So how can you get their attention to bring them back; making sure they’re re-enrolling and hitting the deadlines for spring classes? 1. Use what they’re using. Is your school/admissions dept. on Snapchat? Instagram? Are your reminders…


STOP IT. We Are Not Creepy. – Data tracking and hypertargeting.

It’s funny. It happens this way every time I tell a business owner about today’s new digital media and hypertargeting. I’ll use retargeting as a good example of programmatic real time bidding because I know they have probably personally experienced it. I’ll say something like, “You know the shoes you saw at the Nordstrom’s site,…

FB Advertising isn't dead, it's targeted

Facebook Advertising isn’t Dead – It’s Targeted

Courtney Coonts, Programmatic and RTB Media Trader Facebook advertising isn’t dead. It’s targeted. As a media trader, I deal with the hard data- the nuts and bolts- of advertising every day. Like all my colleagues at Seventh Point, I’m also keenly interested in staying on top of advertising trends–one of which is the controversial argument…


How To Fight Back When Viewability Rates Are Lying To You

Tashia Souza,
Certified Media Trader

As a trader of programmatic RTB, the statistics and rates of our campaigns are critical to our success. Especially when it comes to  viewability (how many times something has been viewed and by whom). This information is important for anyone working with digital media.

But when this information is based on fraud, it can mess up your entire campaign.  I’ve outlined further in this post how we identify and mitigate this fraud.

Don’t believe it’s a real threat? Check out these stats from eMarketer.

You don't like fake people and neither do your students - Seventh Point Higher Education

You Don’t Like Fake People and Neither Do Your Students

Your students don’t want fake people, and can sniff it within 10 seconds if you even try for something like unrealistic enthusiasm. Gen Z. The next frontier of students hitting campuses across the U.S. These students have been bombarded since the time they were born with technology, ads, and all sorts of “shiny” you-want-this! They…

How to setup your tracking for biggest impact SeventhPoint

How To Setup Your Tracking for the Biggest Impact

Tracking your efforts and making sure you have meaningful information is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Otherwise you’re asking, “What’s my ROI?” on something you haven’t measured, or have measured incorrectly – which has the same result… Essentially throwing away money. I don’t want you to throw your…


Why it’s important to retarget your audience

First, let’s get on the same page about retargeting. “Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed…