A Review of the 2017 Media Landscape

A Review of the 2017 Digital Media Landscape It’s important to recognize where we are, so we have an idea of where we’re going and why. In this post I’ve boiled down the top media trends of 2017 and why it’s kind of a big deal.   Mobile First 56% of all web traffic is now…

Truth in advertising needs a recharge

Truth in Advertising Needs a Recharge

I’m not sure who said it first, and it doesn’t really matter.  What matters, is, that we, as marketers live by it.  We have come to take this phrase as meaning “When consumers see or hear an advertisement, that ad must be truthful and not misleading”.  We should all live by that mantra, and I think…

Yesterdays problem - fragmentation - todays solution - hypertargeting

Yesterday’s Problem: Fragmentation – Today’s Solution: Hypertargeting

Yesterday’s problem, fragmentation… First to explain what I mean by fragmentation. I’m talking about your audience spread out across hundreds, thousands, of channels and devices. As a media buying agency for many years, we’ve placed millions of dollars of radio and broadcast and cable long before there was something called the internet. Heck, we were…

how to reach your students during the holidays seventhpoint highered

How To Reach Your Students During The Holidays And Make Sure They Come Back

Students can’t wait to get home to mom’s cooking, and sometimes once they’re home it’s hard to leave. So how can you get their attention to bring them back; making sure they’re re-enrolling and hitting the deadlines for spring classes? 1. Use what they’re using. Is your school/admissions dept. on Snapchat? Instagram? Are your reminders…


STOP IT. We Are Not Creepy. – Data tracking and hypertargeting.

It’s funny. It happens this way every time I tell a business owner about today’s new digital media and hypertargeting. I’ll use retargeting as a good example of programmatic real time bidding because I know they have probably personally experienced it. I’ll say something like, “You know the shoes you saw at the Nordstrom’s site,…