Case Studies


  • To gain a historic ship that double bills as a tourist destination, an aging museum’s reputation and public awareness must be improved

  • The city is successful in its bid for the USS Wisconsin; the adjoining museum and local merchants benefit from increased foot traffic

Project: Brand Positioning, Awareness Campaign

Industry: City Government, Tourism

Issue: Can the proposed home and its surroundings perpetually interest the public

The City of Norfolk announced that the USS Wisconsin, the nation’s largest battleship, was temporarily moving to the Norfolk Naval Yard. The City wanted to win the USS Wisconsin permanently, and by doing so, boost foot traffic and revenue from both tourists and locals.

As part of its ongoing philanthropic efforts, Seventh Point recognized these events as an opportunity to effectively contribute to their community. After contacting the City and offering pro bono advertising and public relations services, the City presented Seventh Point with an even bigger challenge: the gateway to board the USS Wisconsin would only be accessible through Nauticus, the National Maritime Center.

At that time, questions lingered as to whether there was enough interest in Nauticus to warrant it becoming the permanent home of the decommissioned ship. Seventh Point took on the dual challenge of not only bringing the ship to Norfolk for good, but also raising the level of interest in and attendance at Nauticus.

Insight: Position Nauticus as a hands-on, historic and thrilling site for everyone

Seventh Point realized that Nauticus was perceived by locals as a tourist destination, and therefore largely avoided it. Furthermore, it was realized that tourists themselves had dozens of other venues competing for their attention, from beaches and historical sites to a wealth of local museums.

With these challenges in mind, the Seventh Point team identified the need to rebrand Nauticus as a dynamic and ever-changing destination for tourists and locals alike.

Implementation: Launch integrated campaigns with highly tailored messages

  • Seventh Point donated creative and media placement services for a campaign primarily targeting local visitors, including families and school groups

  • An integrated campaign of radio, newspaper, outdoor billboard and public relations tactics was launched to raise awareness and interest among locals and visitors alike

  • New collateral materials were created to help the Nauticus sales team pitch the new positioning

Impact: Norfolk gets the ship and merchant revenues surge throughout the city.

  • Instead of increasing Nauticus attendance by merely the required four percent over the previous year, attendance jumped by 26 percent in just three months

  • Eight months after launching the Nauticus campaign, family memberships tripled and overall attendance nearly doubled

  • Norfolk was permanently awarded the USS Wisconsin

  • The battleship increased foot traffic throughout the City of Norfolk—gift shop sales soared 167 percent in one year; merchants saw increases of 10–20 percent

  • Occupancy in downtown Norfolk parking garages rose 66 percent

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