Case Studies


Spirit Cruises gets more people on-board than ever with fresh messaging.

  • To increase a cruise line’s sales for the season, first they need to increase their call volume

  • Fresh messaging drives more call volume, rising 34 percent year-over-year, and driving more cruise sales

Project: Brand Awareness Campaign, Sales Campaign

Industry: Tourism, Local Event Space

Issue: Sales are ebbing for Spirit Cruises

Spirit Cruises Incorporated (SCI) is recognized as the nation’s largest harbor cruise company. Its fleet of 12 ships offers dining, entertainment and sightseeing cruises in several popular American port cities, including Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, New York, Norfolk, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

When cruise attendance numbers began to drop off in each of the company’s various port cities, they turned to Seventh Point for help increasing the annual call volume over the previous year.

Insight: Build support for the unique Spirit experience through fresh, consistent messaging

After studying SCI competitors, past marketing plans and industry research reports, Seventh Point identified a lack of consistency in the company’s marketing efforts throughout its 12-ship fleet.

The team looked to the one consistent element among the five different cruise experiences available in eight states: unforgettable, high-energy fun.

With this inspiration, Seventh Point developed various campaigns around the single message, “There is nothing like the romance and adventure of a Spirit Cruise.” To emphasize this message, Valentine’s Day was designated as the first holiday to center the inaugural print campaign around.

Implementation: Launch a print campaign with new, consolidated messaging

  • Seventh Point developed a single marketing message for SCI’s entire fleet

  • The team designed a Valentine’s Day ad that focused on the holiday while also emphasizing the unique experience available only on a Spirit Cruise

  • Seventh Point planned and implemented the ad via a print media campaign designed to entice both new and existing customers

  • The ad was strategically placed in newspapers throughout SCI’s major port cities

Impact: A wave of new calls poured in and brand awareness received a boost

  • Six of the seven markets experienced greater than  average call volume—at least 35 percent over the previous week

  • Based on the call volume reports from the previous year, overall call volume increased by 34 percent

  • Four of the seven markets continued to receive more calls than average for one week following the release of the ad

  • After the campaign, SCI noticed greater awareness of the overall Spirit brand, as evidenced by expanded customer demographics

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