Case Studies


Checkered Flag switches sales model and increases awareness by over 200%.

  • Automotive group with a 50-year history decides to switch sales model and needs to reinvent their brand to effectively relaunch

  • Integrated and inventive, Checkered Flag’s rebranding campaign led to increases in awareness up to 237%

Project: Rebranding, Promotions

Industry: Retail, Automotive

Issue: A dealer with a rich history wants to switch sales model and needs a new image

Checkered Flag is an automotive group in the Hampton Road region of Virginia. For over 50 years, they have been known for providing exceptional customer service and selling only import vehicles. Like other dealerships in the market, they competed for customers strictly on price.

Then, after more than a half-century of doing business the traditional way, Checkered Flag’s owners made the decision to shift to a one-price sales model for their core brands; Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Volkswagen, and their pre-owned vehicles. They turned to Seventh Point to help re-invent Checkered Flag.

Insight: Superior customer service grows what a brand should be

The team at Seventh Point saw that Checkered Flag was already known in the market for their superior customer service. This would be the foundation to build their new brand. They sat down with the team at Checkered Flag and developed the new messaging around the benefits that would set Checkered Flag apart from their competition.

Out of this session came the tagline that they’re now known for: Fast ∙ Simple ∙ Smart. With the new messaging in hand, it was time to implement.

Implementation: Starting small leads to big results

Seventh Point devised and implemented a multi-state public relations campaign targeting print and television media, as well various veterans’ organizations:

  • Introduced dramatic new message starting at one store with ads, training, support materials, and point of purchase items

  • Successfully used in-house product specialists with little to no experience in front of the camera to emphasize the roll-out at multiple dealerships

  • Used commonly held images of car salespeople versus the “new, Checkered Flag, product specialist” to highlight the difference between Checkered Flag’s approach

  • Utilized in-house programmatic team to implement programmatic ads, creating a cohesive brand across all platforms – on- and off-line

  • Maintained one-price, core brand message through promotional creative that highlighted the transparent value presented in a haggle-free, non-commission based environment

Impact: Brand relaunches with overwhelming success and continued growth of awareness

  • Grew brand awareness of Fast ∙ Simple ∙ Smart from 25% at the beginning to 54.7%

  • Dealership association with Fast ∙ Simple ∙ Smart is consistently over 83%

  • From the introduction of the rebranding campaign, awareness of the one-price selling platform, non-commission sales staff, and 3-day return policy has grown well over 200%

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