Audio Advertising in the Digital Age

By:Stephanie Lesniewicz09/28/2018

Driven by consumers’ connected lives and reliability on mobile devices, the demand for Digital Audio is steadily increasing. This highly mobile consumer environment is providing new media outlets for advertisers to invest in through Digital Audio Advertising.

people utilizing streaming audio

Measurable Mobile Reach

For marketers looking to achieve reach, frequency, engagement and targeting via mobile means, Digital Audio provides a unique, and measurable, opportunity to impact consumers. Streaming services like Pandora, iHeart Radio and Spotify, as well as downloadable audio like Podcasts, provide advertisers a space to present their message to consumers in a “no screen required” setting.

Digital Audio Advertising Includes:

• Recorded Spots
• Native Ads
• Branded Channels/Playlists
• Branded Podcasts
• Voice Activation Ads

Streaming Audio Advertising

One of the Fast Growing Marketing Channels

The market for Digital Audio is large and continues to grow yearly. One of the key drivers of online growth in the media landscape is the ability to target users, and it’s the same within the digital audio space. By utilizing our data sources, we can apply geographic, demographic, behavioral and/or contextual data layers to your audio campaign to best reach your target clientele.

Man listening to digital audio via cell phone

Putting the Right Message in Front of the Right Customer on the Right Channel

Are you interested in adding Audio Advertising to your media mix? Seventh Point can strategically place your audio campaigns with notable streaming services including Pandora and Spotify through both programmatic and direct buys. We also have the expertise to place your advertising with other large audio service providers, including CBS Radio, SpotX, SoundCloud, and iHeart Media, through our partnership with The Trade Desk. This allows us to find the right audio provider mix for your message and desired audience.

Are you ready to get started? Contact our VP of Media Ted Rooke to learn more about how Seventh Point can create an audio advertising strategy to help you reach your ideal consumer through the power of words!

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