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Programmatic and Paid Search Engine Marketing

Courtney Coonts,
Programmatic and RTB Media Trader

As programmatic advertisers, we often hear the retort of, “Programmatic? No thanks, we already do SEM* in AdWords! Isn’t that the same?”


Search Engine Marketing* and Programmatic Display are both effective advertising strategies, but hear me when I say, they’re not the same! Each method reaches the consumer at a different level of purchase intent, and your brand should make a grand appearance at both levels. It is the combination of both that will provide the full funnel strategy a brand needs to thrive.

Let me show you the difference.

Search Engine Marketing/ Paid Search

Search Engine Marketing differences

Paid Search is a “pull” method of advertising. It is intended to draw visitors to your website that are actively seeking products and services like yours. A consumer searching for information on Google has likely already traveled through the upper level of the sales funnel. At this point, they already perceive a need and are looking to fulfill it.

Make sure your brand is in front of them when they are ready to pull the trigger.

Decision Time
It takes a quick google search to decide where to go for urgent care, to find the closest
restaurant, and can even help you find which department stores have the best sales when Oh-

Some decisions, however, take longer consideration, like where to go to college, which health
care plan to enroll for, and which luxury car brand to buy.

How can we introduce and spark the initial desire for your brand?
Then, how can we keep your brand top of mind and influence the user to search for YOUR brand once
they get further into the sales cycle?

Programmatic Display

Digital Display Advertising such as Programmatic

RTB programmatic display aims to offer the brand awareness needed to spark that perceived need, a desire that a consumer may not have initially recognized before seeing the display ad.

This is a “push” advertising effort. It’s the effort to get the word out and introduce potential customers to your brand, and maybe even reach a few that are already in market for your product or service.

The hyper-targeted tactics we use reach users whose online behavior indicate they would be in interested in, or are in market for, your services or product. The reach offered by programmatic display creates a larger pool of users who now know about your brand.

Symbiotic Impact

Symbiotic Impact

Perhaps these users will click the ad, or perhaps they will go directly to your website after seeing the ad – maybe they will even search your brand on Google.

By advertising on both platforms with a cohesive creative message, you are presenting your brand as consistent and accessible, resulting in a user-friendly advertising experience and a strong online presence!

Want a full funnel strategy crafted for your brand? Reach out to us today!



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Courtney is used to a fast-paced environment that’s focused around attention to details in order to consistently over-deliver to clients. And she does all of this with a smile on her face! Her optimistic and fun-loving personality allowed her to fit right in with the Media Traders’ wing. Her drive and desire for challenge proved her place in this company, and was shown when she took the fast track to become a Certified Media Trader and Ad Words Certified. Bring it on programmatic world!

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