A Review of the 2017 Media Landscape

By:Ted Rooke, VP of Media Services11/14/2017

A Review of the 2017 Digital Media Landscape

It’s important to recognize where we are, so we have an idea of where we’re going and why. In this post I’ve boiled down the top media trends of 2017 and why it’s kind of a big deal.



Mobile First

56% of all web traffic is now mobile – and growing. Do you know what that means?

The mobile shift requires a change in tactical thinking, as “old tactics” no longer suffice. If you’re still using desktop tactics and thinking, you are going to lose your audience.

You have to think, “mobile-first” and then desktop.




It’s Facebook’s World

Facebook has become the leading platform to reach today’s on-the-go consumer. Facebook has 173 million U.S. users, and of these 60% of users are “mobile only.” Which means, that they don’t go on Facebook except with their phone.

Facebook currently has the most effective targeting criteria available. However, the tactics of hyper-targeting that won campaigns such as Barack Obama aren’t available anymore. Meaning that Facebook’s Walled Garden creates challenges to marketers.

You have to play by Facebook’s rules if you want to reach their audience.




Native Ads Outpace Banners

Native Becomes the “New Banner.” Put simply, banner ads aren’t getting the click-throughs and traffic that they once were. In some cases they’re still effective, but in most they’re not.

Campaigns with native advertising have seen a 400% increase in CTR, 52% increase in views, and an 18% increase in purchase intent. That’s kind of a big deal.

Native Advertising drives one-third of millennials to purchase. Millenials grew up with ads in their face and have learned to tune them out. What resonates with them are ads that speak to their interests. Like native.

Over half of all display ad spending in 2017 went to native and it’s increasing 28% in 2018.

Simply put, you want better results? Engage with native.



Programmatic Buying Expands

80% of Display now bought Programmatically. In case you don’t know what that means… If display is part of your campaign, most of it is going to go towards programmatic.

Programmatic was typically used for banner and other forms of display, now it’s expanding into Digital Audio and Digital Video and Native Units.

Private, Premium Marketplaces Expand. With wider usage, more media outlets are joining the marketplaces for available spots to be bought.

Drives 1/3 of millennials to purchase. Similar to native advertising – it’s providing relevant and timely ads. Which creates ads that people (millennials in particular) want to see.



Cord Cutting Accelerates as OTT goes mainstream

Let me start by telling you two mind blowing statistics, there are 22 million cord-cutters in 2017 – a 33% increase over 2016 and 34.4 million “cord-nevers.” Where most of us older people have grown up with cable this is unreal. There are 5 Live Streaming providers in 2017 – two more coming in 2018.

Shift to “in the living room” viewing accelerates. “Streaming video” used to be watched more on mobile devices, and computers, but with the growth of smart TVs and Roku boxes, now we’re watching streaming TV on our actual TV in the living room.




Live & Local Driving Broadcast TV

As Streaming TV grows, so does time-shifted viewing habits. DVR and other services make it so you can skip all those commercials. But it hasn’t stopped people from watching! TV is #2 in “time spent” at nearly 4 hours each day and 10% of this is time-shifted.

Is television out of the picture? Not as much as you make think.

Focus buys on live events and local programming. Live events and local programming is one part of television that audiences still engage with in real-time. To be able to reach them, your television buys need to be focused on these events.



2017 has blown us away with the shifts we’ve seen in audience engagement and 2018 is shaping up to be more of the same.

What do you think is going to be the next media trend? Comment below!




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